5 Things to Do to Prevent Termites in Your Home

Termites. Ghastly little things that can cause horrendous damage to your home if left untreated. It is possible to treat a white ant infestation, however, you can put a few simple measures in place to prevent termites from feasting on your home to begin with.

Here’s how:

Set up adequate water drainage from your home.

White ants are attracted to moist soil. To prevent termites, make sure your home has adequate water drainage from your hot water systems and air conditioners. Fix your leaking taps and pipes, and repair water damage, otherwise your home will be the perfect condition for termites to thrive, and you don’t want that.

Eliminate wood contact around your home

Termites love wood, and will quite happily munch away at moist, damaged timber all around your home if they have access to it.

You already know how to eliminate water from your home to prevent wood becoming moist, however, it is best to ensure timber is not easily accessible for termites. Best ways to prevent termites accessing the timber materials of your home, are as follows:

  • # Don’t store untreated timber (for example, firewood), in or around your home.
  • # Timber garden sleepers are very attractive to white ants, so to prevent termites invading, replace with termite resistance materials; treated pine or masonry.
  • # If you have a deck or pergola, make sure the posts of which are on metal stirrups, and there is a clearance between the base of the posts and ground level.
  • # Discard unnecessary wood odds and ends from around your home. Timber you think you might use at some point in the future? Get rid of it.

Prevent termites accessing your house by keeping cavities clear

Even brick homes are subjected to termite infestations; they enter your house in-between the gaps in the bricks at the base. Brick homes need these gaps, called weep holes, to allow ventilation.   The air-flow between weep holes keeps the area dry and therefore less appealing to termites.

However, weep holes can become trapped with dirt or other types of obstruction, that may attract white ants. It is important to keep weep holes clear to prevent termites gaining access to your home.

Arrange to have your home pre-treated for termites

It is possible to treat your home to prevent termites accessing your home. To do this, contact Brisbane based Prestige Pest Control, who will formulate the best plan to protect your home from white ants.

Termite treatments include chemical barrier systems, reticulation systems, monitoring and inception systems, and physical barrier systems.

Arrange regular termite inspections on your home

Arrange to have termite inspections conducted on your home, annually, by a professional technician. Because white ant infestations often go undetected, it is better to call in the experts, who know what to look for, and if evidence of termites is found, the right treatments can be planned to eliminate the terrors.

Even if you spot a termite mud tunnel leading into your home, don’t attempt to do anything with it, arrange for Prestige Pest Control to inspect and identify the best possible treatment method for your property.

It is vital to arrange to have a pest control inspection done when you buy a property, and imperative to continue inspections annually there after, if you are going to prevent termites.

Prestige Pest Control in Brisbane

Don’t get to the point where your termite infested house repairs creep into the thousands, keep on top of your pest control by calling in the experts: Prestige Pest Control in Brisbane.

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