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Termite Inspection Brisbane

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Termites are also known as white ants are all over the Brisbane and Queensland area, and are causing extensive damage to every home that they can find food. The issue is so extensive that insurance companies wont cover the damage these insects are causing. If your house has termites, you are going to have the damage repaired and have pay to have the pests removed.

Termites live in colonies in the same way that ants do. Termites are however considerably closer related to grasshoppers and cockroaches. So even though they have been known as white ants for a long amount of time termites are only like ants in their social habits of living together and that they are small in size.

How does it work?

We will lay out several monitoring and interception systems, which will inform you of the termites presence. The systems are regularly inspected and as soon as the pest appears, we will apply chemicals that are specifically designed to kill off termite nests.

To begin with if you are the home owner of your Brisbane property, you will require termite inspections done to begin with. This will inform us if you have termite issues. After this you need to discuss with us what is the best solution that fits your needs & the best possible pest control.

Remember however, that having a single termite inspection will not solve your problem indefinitely . You will require to have pest inspections least once a year to tackle repeat infestations. Termite interception systems and interception systems are now becoming increasingly popular as if monitored and installed properly, they are a great early warning signal of potential termite infestation.

A Guide to termites.

It is essential that when purchasing a new property you will require a pre-purchase termite inspection. This is generally required as no bank or loan company that will provide you a loan without pre-purchase inspections for termites.

Our regular pre-purchase inspections will generally take around 1 - 2 hours depending on where your house is, the height of the property off the ground, how wooded the areas surrounding the property is, how easily accessible the roof cavity is etc.

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