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Commercial pest management


Restaurant owners and managers know that even though they can manage their own pest control (in most states,) there are regulations for pest management in any food handling area commercially. These requirements are essential to make sure that food preparation equipment, food, and serving areas are not infect with rodenticide, insecticide and pesticide residues.

The areas that we cover are the pests threatening your business and food preparation areas such as spiders, ants, roaches, pantry pests, flies, rodent removal, rodent control & termite issues.


If your guests have a bad experience over 90% of them will inform a minimum of 10 other people. This means that if one of your guests see a cockroach, that experience can be told to other potential customers, which will inevitably lead to a tarnished image and lost sales - because of one bug!

Call us today for an on site meeting to find out how we can create an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for your business that will stop guests from checking out and pests from checking in.


A quality inexpensive service - for all sizes of clubs. Contact us for pest prevention contract to ensure your business to tackle and prevent potential pest problems through scheduled treatments and inspections.

We will provide full written reports to demonstrate that we have taken the best measures in pest prevention to adhere to Health and Safety legislation also providing quick response and competitive rates to any problems

We create a flexible approach to pest management with contracts created to your pest control needs at competitive prices.

  • Eco friendly no smell treatment

Other Businesses

We also cover a wide range of other businesses fully, from factories to schools, contact us today for a quick, efficient & prompt pest control service in Brisbane.

  • 8 Year Warranty On Termite Treatments