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Pest Control Brisbane

Prestige Pest Control - The Termite Specialists

Serving Brisbane and the surrounding areas for over the past 29 years we tackle all kinds of pest control, from termite treatment to rats and even redbacks! You can be assured that when you employ Prestige Pest Control you will receive a prompt, reliable and efficient service, every time, covering both commercial and residential properties.

Termite Control

One of our most popular services, termite control, begins with the pest identification stage. This allows us to find exactly what your pest problem is and how severe the infestation is. Our licensed Brisbane-based pest control & termite control technicians will then talk to you about our best pest control solution. Our programs will ensure that you are in control of exactly what is happening in your home or place of business. We are conscious of each individual cases needs, from pets and sensitive needs to ensuring your business can get back to full working function as quickly as possible.


Termites are a pest that needs to be tackled as quickly as possible, especially as a huge extent of damage can be done without the building owner ever knowing what has happened! Call our Brisbane team today for prompt & efficient termite control, termite inspection & pest inspections

  • Eco friendly no smell treatment

The easiest way to control termites is to seek experienced control from our pest management technicians, being fully licensed timber professionals. We are fully experienced in providing an extensive termite control to fully cater for your needs and requirements. Some of our termite treatments are Chemical barrier systems, reticulation systems, monitoring and inception systems and physical barrier systems.

  • 8 Year Warranty On Termite Treatments
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